About ValleyStar Ltd.

Cleaning the outside of a building using a cherry pickerValleystar Limited has evolved over the years from a traditional window cleaning round in the 1960s by the late Mr Ken McDonald the current owners father in-law. He started cleaning windows by house then by street and before too long had small business premises, public houses and office cleaning works.

Originally known as macs men (a name that stayed with the company till his retirement in the early 90's) Valleystar came to the fore in the late 70's engaging in works for larger clients and organisation's within the Liverpool area. Having registered and established Valleystar as a quality window cleaning company ken moved into other areas of the cleaning Industry and the company grew. The rest is history.

Mr McDonald sold the company to his good friend Mr W T Griffin a retiring Army Major in the early 90's and Mr Griffin took Valleystar to a new level, purchasing the new up and coming Reach & Wash systems for window cleaning the company stayed one step ahead of our competitors. During Mr Griffins directorship the company obtained Chas accreditation in 2006 as window cleaning Health & Safety became more demanding, With his own knowledge of Health & Safety the company sustained its status as a quality contractor within the Industrial & Commercial cleaning side of the business too.

Mr Griffin sold the company in 2008 to Mr Alan Davison the son in-law to the former owner Mr Ken McDonald. Alan has been with the company since 1983 firstly employed as a window cleaner then supervisor during Mr McDonalds Time and moving into Management during Mr Griffins Time. Alan has been an integral part of the development of Valleystar through the years and his knowledge within his field is second to none. Although hindered in the early stages of his directorship due to the recession, there is no doubt his leadership will move the company to the next level as Valleystar ventures beyond the Northwest. We look forward to the future with our customers.


Thank You To All Our Clients